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Since we have had many requests on the best way to unlock your Wii, we decided to review a couple of the more popular software systems. In the past installing a mod chip was the only way to unlock your Wii. Well, times have changed! We are going to concentrate on the software 'type' mod that will NOT void your warranty! And does NOT require any technical soldering skills.

First of I'm sure you want to know what can you do with an Unlocked Wii. Here is a list of the common features:

  • Make Back-ups of your games
  • You can Play Back-ups
  • Play Downloaded Games
  • Play Homebrew Applications
  • Play Games from the N64, Sega Genesis, SNES + more!
  • Play Movies and Mp3's
  • Play Regional and Imported Games

Here are the two systems we tested:

Homebrewinstaller and HomebreWare

Sound Pretty similar. huh? Well They are!

Both of these systems are really just step by step guides. The HomebreWare guide includes videos, which in nice, but not really necessary. Both do the same thing, and essentially are the same product. You also get access to hundreds of game and video downloads, which is nice too. I guess if i had to choose on as the better on, i would choose Homebrewinstall only because they answered a 'test' tech support question sooner. So if you are looking to unclock your Wii these two options are easy to use and reasonably priced!

Visit Homebrewinstaller here!

Visit HomebreWare here!


Disclaimer: Wii Site does not take any responsibility for how you use these products. Although we don't see any problems, we cannot be held responsibly for any damage that may occur.

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